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    Phosphate & DAP & Potassium

    About rock phosphate Prices give prices after the issuance of a purchase order from the buyer Because phosphate rock continued Jordanian government The prices given on the client's request, quantity and specifications Please advise us These prices THIS BROCEDER FOR DAP SEND THIS TO BUYER : PROCEDURES: 1) End Buyer issues a LOI 2) Seller issues FCO 3) End Buyer sign seal and return the FCO. 4) Seller issues Draft Contract 5) End Buyer sign, seal and return the Contract, seller sign the Contract and return To the buyer 6) The buyer receives securities bills of lading, certificate of origin and SGS 7) And no visit to refinery as time is short (After accepting the offer also time is short ) The buyer sends us now banking model The guarantee and the model contract


    Olive Oil

    Premium olive oil certified extra virgin and organic Packaging: Glass or Tin Harvest date: November-December 2015 Location: Northern Jordan, moderate desert conditions and irrigated Variety: Nabali Pressing: Within 24 hours from picking time at a temperature below 28 degrees Acidity: <0.5 % Flavor: Rich flavor, bitter with pungent and fruity attributes .....



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